The Return of Team Risky!

Ok we are officially signed up for the Targa West. Nice to see the rules and regulations are established. Think I might need to upgrade my brake pads on the fronts (and maybe get to the bottom of why the passenger side is wearing more quickly than the driver side).

Cam is going to be my co-driver and apparently has taken out a few books on how to be effective at this (read: not throw up in the car). After my SOB story about how Team Risky never came back to life it was the only choice for our team name in this event.

I am totally stoked! Will also need to add the roll bar. Just in case I have any more “watch this!” moments – at least we won’t be killed in a rollover. Apparently I’m not allowed to say those two words on race day….

Cost = $110 + hotel

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  1. Mandy

    You’re a dork. Good luck at your race and don’t kill your car. Lol and dads already complaining about how you want to borrow his car when you put the roll cage into your car hahaha


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