Site Improvements

Ok – based on some feedback I have tried to improve the site a bit with regards to formating.

1. The front page now shows the most recent posts, instead of just defaulting to the “About” page. Some people thought the main page was it and that the links on the side were some advertisements. Hopefully this will sort that out.

2. I’ve resized most of the pictures as they were blocking the links. Annoyingly I find them a bit small now (no size in between), but you can click on them to enlarge them. Even more annoying is that once you click on it they revert back to their original orientation. Hopefully I can correct this in the future but there seems to be no solution at this point…

3. I’ve added in the only picture I have been able to find to the “My First Car” story of the Subaru. Hopefully if I can get my old pictures back i can upload more as I go.

4. The updates on my own car I’ve decided is too nerdy for the general population so have moved it into a new category – “Nerdy Car Things” – pretty self-explanatory. Anyways – you can find out what I’ve been up to with my own car, find out how much this car enthusiasm costs me on paper, and see the daily challenges I face as a car enthusiast. As they say at the office – “living the dream”.

I’ve also noticed that the site visits have dropped dramatically (ie down to zero in the last week). I hope this is not because you find this site horrible, but that you were so enthralled at all the articles you decided to take a break from all the excitement. Please keep checking back as I will be updating this site regularly!

Thanks again to all those who have given me feedback – both positive and negative. It has been a dream of mine to do something like this – even if I don’t get paid for it (thats what my “real” job is for) and I spend a significant amount of time to develop these articles at the risk of nobody reading them. Knowing that people (even if its just my sister) read and appreciate my articles is gratifying. Thank you!

I have a few more test drives to post, as well as a somewhat epic story about my legendary dad to post on here. In order to do this story justice, it will take time to perfect. Stay tuned!

Also if anybody has a car they want me to write about please contact me so I can drive it! It doesn’t have to be new or perfect – I will drive it and write about it!

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  1. Mandy

    there should be a function for sizing the pictures if i remember correctly, or you can just use a program and adjust the pixel size =)

  2. admin


    I wish. It keeps track of google too so you are probably the “1” I’ve seen the last couple of days.


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