Named after some horrible cheese that I witnessed in high school with pagers, 143Car is meant to be our take on automotive car culture. Our goal is to bring interesting and insightful car reviews, our take on special events, and relationships between people and cars. We want to show how much fun cars can be!

A bit more about us:

Jonathan – Editor


I googled my own name and this is literally the first picture that I found. Nicknamed “stoked or choked” in university, I started 143Car out as a sappy eulogy to my first car (choked), which then transitioned into a blog about my own car adventures (stoked). I was then encouraged to enter into a video-logger contest in which I entered a sweaty looking video which obviously did not win (choked), but it drove my passion to make more videos and…well here we are today (totally stoked)!

I like long walks on the beach, racing, driving, and just generally being around cars, and I channel this passion in the writing on this website as well as in the videos. I also help Ken out with some of the shooting, editing, and whatever else needs doing to bring you this content that we are pretty proud of!


Ken – Editor

KenKen likes cats. So much so that he emulates cat-like reflexes to drive his 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (duly named “Princess”) to more than its fair share of successes on both auto-x and motorsport tracks. Ever the details man, Ken is the main man behind all the editing, website design, social media, and camera work which has resulted in the final product that you see today (see my earlier videos to see the difference!). I’m honestly not sure why he works so hard for 143Car but I am ever grateful for it. He is also the owner of his own photo and video production company – PoweredByAloe. Check out some of his great work here.

But 143Car is so much more than “just” a website; we are active in social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, as well as YouTube. Please click the icons at the bottom right of the screen to check them out.

We always look forward to, and welcome feedback, so if you have any questions or comments for us please let us know below!