Feature: Nissan All Meet


Video is now uploaded. If you guys have been following along, I recently attended an Auto Cross event as part of the Nissan All Meet.

Not wanting to standout by showing up in a Mazda, I was able to get my hands on a “Nissan Micra” just for the event.

Check out the video below for my coverage on the events!

Thanks to Byron for hosting this event, and the rest of the volunteers that helped make this event a success!

143CAR.com – Motorsport Events: Nissan All Meet… by f100002902133892

As always, any feedback is welcome!

Music by M.O.V.E.

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    lol’d at the initial d music.

    cool event nonetheless, and nice coverage mang!

    • Jon

      Haha glad you recognized it! It just seemed to fit…

  2. Jevon

    You should come check out the jag series ones next year they are in the same lot

    • Jon

      Hi Jevon

      I’m assuming you are referring to a series of Jaguars?

      Let me know when that is happening!


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