New Equipment!

First of I want to apologize – it has been a while since my last story.

I have a few reasons for this:
1. I don’t want to rush a story out if I don’t think its ready i.e. if its not the quality I would expect from it, I’m not going to publish it.
2. I’ve been busy working on a big story, of which the details I can not release at this point. All I can say is that it will consume an entire week to cover.
3. I’ve been working on more videos, which take more time to produce. On average, a written story with detailed pictures will take me 3-6 hours to write, while a simple 6 minute video will take me at least 6 hours to produce + filming time (normally around 2 hours).

I recognize that videos are the way of the future however, and thus I have updated some of my camera equipment accordingly.

yes this picture sucks, but going forward I will be taking it with the camera eqiupment you see here….

Shiny new Panasonic Lumix FZ100 – a nice upgrade over my last camera. Hopefully this one doesn’t get stolen like my old camera did….

Suction cup for those in car shots. Almost dropped my camera last night on the floor because I didn’t have a firm grip on the mounting surface…which has left me less than confident of its holding capability….

New Velbon C-400 tripod will make for some more steady shots & videos…

new 3Tb storage capability means more space for videos in the future…

Thats nice to see. You know that the external storage is serious when it requires its own power supply….

I’ve also made some updates to the categories to make them fit better with what I want them to represent:
– “nerdy car stuff” is now “Blog” – as it is essentially a blog about my daily successes (rare) and tribulations (more common)
– “Motorsport Events” is now just “Events” – as I think not everything I will be attending will necessarily be a competition.

Anyways – the long and the short of it is this – look forward to more, higher quality product coming soon!

– Ed

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  1. big bro

    Jon, you are getting close to professional blogger!
    expecting more fun stories from you in the future.
    do respect your effort in making good video

    • Jon

      Thanks Brian – stay tuned!

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