Mo’ Problems = Mo’ $$$

I think Biggie didn’t have quite right – its not “mo’ money, mo’ problems”, this past month (for me anyways) has been the other way around – more problems = more money needed to be spent on my car.

So some of you may have seen my self-inflicted wounds to my trunk (see the full story on Targa Canada West if you haven’t):

Ugh…Garage Door – 1. Car Trunk – 0.

I went on a drive recently (story to come shortly) and I found that driving hard has had its toll on my car.

Last month, I got the driver side rear caliper replaced (see previous story) and since then what I thought was a nice stainless steel finish has now rusted out to look like this.

< 1 month old and rusty already….they just don’t make refurbished calipers like they used to.

On this most recent drive, I was revving the engine when I noticed that I was smelling something like burning engine oil. I had previously seen some leakage in the gasket near the bell housing (separates the clutch from the transmission) and had thought it was just that burning off.

But on this most recent drive the smell got stronger and when I popped the hood at the next stop I saw this:

Notice the oil patches on the engine cover? sigh….

This may be as simple as a breather hole plugging up causing engine oil to spill out from somewhere and burning on hot components, but I need to get it looked at to be sure.

Also, while cornering hard I noticed the brake light was coming on again. This previously an indication that my brake fluid level was low, which meant a leak. I had just replaced the rear driver side caliper, and upon inspecting the passenger side I saw this:

You can see the streaks of leaking brake fluid on my wheels. Looks like I’ve managed to replicate the problem on the passenger side…

Up close view of the inside of the rim – more evidence of brake fluid leakage.

I have a feeling this is the same problem as the driver side except now echoed on the passenger side. Unfortunately, for some reason Mazda does not make seal kits, but rather you have to send in your brakes and get new “refurbished ones” in exchange.

In that process, I might re-finish (sand blast & paint) my new rear calipers to ensure this rusting does not happen again.

I’ll keep you posted on what ends up needing fixing.

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