Mazda’s SkyActiv-D…where is it?

Its been a few months since we reviewed the Mazda 6 SkyActiv. And at that time, we were told that the SkyActiv-D (Diesel) was just around the corner.

Well, its been a few months and…well there has not been any official release from Mazda and some viewers are asking questions.

So what’s the deal?

Well here is something I got from my contact at Mazda:
“The ideology behind SKYACTIV-D was that it would be a clean-diesel engine that did not require the use of after-treatment or additives to pass emissions. In other markets such as Japan and Europe, this has been achieved and is selling with great success. However, as you may know, the emissions in North America, particularly California, are much stricter than other areas around the globe. As such, the same SKYACTIV-D engines that are enjoying success in other markets did not pass emissions testing in North America. There was some testing done to determine whether the diesel engine could pass N.A. emissions if it was detuned a little bit, but the level of detune that could meet the emissions regulations was deemed to provide a driving experience not suitable for a Mazda vehicle.

So at this time, work is ongoing to create a solution for North America and the tougher emissions regulations that we have. I can’t tell you much else, except that we still very much plan to release the Mazda6 diesel in North America. We don’t have a specific timeframe, but hopefully you’ll see the car by the end of next year.”

I really have to applaud Mazda for this; by refusing to release a compromised product for the sake of sales it shows to me the commitment that Mazda has to their brand and their relentless pursuit of perfection. These guys are a smaller, somewhat independent car company that do not have the luxury of a parent company to buoy themselves during a setback. Yet these kinds of decisions show me that they are committed to the integrity of their product and says a lot about the company as a whole.

Bravo Mazda! You have a huge fan here.

I’m looking forward to when the SkyActiv-D arrives. Stay tuned here for updates.

– Jon

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