Ford Focus RS Delays Confirmed – Owners Threaten to “Curl up and Die”

Ford Focus RS delays


Ford released a notice to all dealers informing of a slight delay to the production line of the hotly anticipated Ford Focus RS. Initial production was supposed to start around Feburary, but it seems that some quality checks have revealed some issues.

Current rumours are swirling around the seals on the leading edge GKN-supplied rear drive unit not withstanding high temperatures usage. It is not clear whether the seal issue is with a particular batch, or affects all of the designs.

This rear drive unit is what helps over drive the rear wheels, giving the RS its distinctive rear-wheel drive behaviour, and is largely untested in production vehicles aside from the Land Rover Evoque (although that vehicle does not over drive the rear wheels the way the RS does, nor is it meant for extended track use). The rear drive unit (RDU for your acronym people) utilizes electronically controlled clutches to distribute up to 100% of torque from side to side.


No word yet as to how long these delays will put off production for, but current information suggests a few weeks. However, if the issues are fundamentally more serious, this could be even longer.

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