Final Final Preparations for the Rally Next Week!

With only a week to go and a regular job to attend to, and having discovered a most unwelcome nail in my tire which was causing a slow leak, I needed to get the tire fixed today.

The Kal Tire I went to only had one service representative behind the counter, and only one guy (that I could see) in the shop. After waiting in line for 5 minutes, I was told that they had work piled up until 7pm as many people wanted their summer tires fitted and it would be unlikely for me to get a service in. This basically meant that I would not be able to fix it without missing some work next week. Disappointed, I started considering the options.

Should I drive with the nail in my tire?

Should I use my winter tires??

I decided to go home and calm down before making a few calls to see if anybody else was available. On my way home, I found an OK Tire looking empty. I had gone to this one before, and to be honest my last experience was just an “OK” one (nothing hidden behind the name I guess). I had waited for 3.5 hrs for some tires to get mounted and the service manager charged me $120 to fit new tires onto new rims – a service they normally waive if I had bought tires from them. Not only that, but the service guy working on the tires didn’t seem to know what he was doing – first he forgot to put my center caps back on my new wheels (I had to ask for them when I saw they were missing), and he broke the ones I had on my old ones. Questions directed his way were met with a shrug.

Beggars can’t be choosers right?

Anyway, there were a few guys standing around without much work to do and they were able to help me out right away. The service guy, Chris, worked quickly and efficiently and turned away tools that he deemed unfit when the guy I had last time handed them to him. He was careful with my aluminum wheel nuts – using alloy-paint-friendly tools and finishing things off with a torque wrench (instead of just using the air tool). He even used his much-heralded $50 side cutters to remove the nail (which actually turned out to be a wood screw) from my tire with a lot of ribbing from his co-workers.

Less than 15 minutes later, I was off and my tire was fixed. I thanked Chris for his quick work and attention to detail and he said understood my anxiety when other people work on your car. The attention to detail, efficiency, and friendly manners made me have full confidence in his work.

Thanks Chris!

Cost = $35

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