Drive to Calgary – Aftermath

Some parts of BC (especially closer to the Alberta border) like to put not just salt on the ground, but sand and rocks as well.

Naturally, this means that after driving to Calgary my car has taken some abuse. This is what my car looked like once I arrived in Calgary:

Wish my girlfriend was this dirty….

Hmm pictures don’t really do it justice here…

Below is a summary of the damage done:

1. Stone chips on the windshield

Main Stone Chip on Windshield

Not wanting the chip to turn into a crack, the moment I got back to Vancouver I called Speedy Glass since I had been brainwashed by their “our resin is better than other resins” commercials, as well as apparent customer service focus. I was shocked when they told me the price to fix this stone chip was $89 – for a drop of resin!

I called Crystal Glass and they said they would do it for $25. Calling Speedy Glass back to tell them about the price, the centralized call center lady kept droning on and on about how their resin was better. I told the lady, “its a drop of resin – how can it be 3x the price?”. “well..we stand behind our work” – which just sounds like some sales bullshit to me.

Apparently, they also “guarantee” this work, which just means that for the life of the windshield IF the patch gets work they will deduct the cost of the fix OFF a new windshield. In my mind this isn’t a guarantee so much as a rebate. If it was a true guarantee, they would give you the new glass for free right? No. Asking how much a new windshield would cost I was told ~$200. So with speedy I would pay >3x more ($89 vs $25) and only potentially save $25??

After point this out to the lady on the phone, she just said there was nothing they could do. So made an appointment with Crystal Glass. Meeting with the guy at Crystal Glass, he said that the chip was rounded out and it would be a waste of money to fix it unless it really bugged me. So off I went! Good service from Crystal Glass too. Speaking to another person it seems like they had a similar experience with Speedy – poor service, way overpriced. Anybody else have a similar experience?

2. Tire Change
So now that I’m back and don’t need the winter tires anymore, I’ve decided to put the summers back on – my Toyo Proxes 4s in preparation for the upcoming rally. Were they ever dirty!

After and Before – picture doesn’t do it justice, but believe me there is 2000 km of road dust, grime, and salt there on the one on the right

3. Paint Chips
I don’t have a picture of this, but after all that driving with big trucks kicking rocks at me the size of golf balls, the front of my car has seen better days. The surface looks like the surface of a teenagers face. Ouch.

Once I wash my car, I’ll upload pics of my car as it is now. Tommorow I will be taking it in the AMT Fabrication to have the roll cage installed. Should have it back within a week. Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. admin

    Total ripoff

    Customer service was bad

  2. admin

    Yes I know – I’ve been hunting for replacements for a while


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