Auto Cross!

Ok its been awhile since I did an update!

In the last episode (my attempt at following a bunch of bikers on the Duffy Lake Loop), my engine was blowing oil out the top of my valve cover, and leaking brake fluid out the passenger side rear.

Taking it in to my friends at Chikara Motorsport, it looked like the PCV (positive crankcase valve) was leaking at the grommet which holds it together. This was replaced by Ocean pretty easily.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (or PCV) – grommet was leaking.

However, it looked like another culprit was one of the sensor (name escapes me at the moment) at the back of the engine was also leaking through its seals. Ocean informed me that for some reason in North America they don’t sell the seal for the sensor on its own, but you would have to replace the entire sensor (~$200). Ugh. I’m holding off on that for now while Ocean is checking to see if he can order just the seal from Japan. Either way, he said the leaking should minimal and from splashing when the engine gets revved up. I’m not so sure, as the last time I checked my oil level it looked pretty low (and not too long after my most recent oil change).

So after topping the levels back up I have been extra careful about overly-zealous with the revving (I guess no more “impressing” people at stop lights).

The leaky brake was supplanted with a “refurbished” unit. After complaining to Ocean about the rust issues last time, he kept my stock caliper holder and only replaced the piston assembly. I’m hoping that I’ll get some time this summer to clean the rust off the other replaced brake, and do some painting to prevent the rust from showings its …erm…rusty face again.

Cost = $357

In other news, since I for the most part have failed to find any sort of track time with a group (and I have a bit of a slash on the side of my tyre which could void me of going on the track during technical inspection) I have registered myself for an auto cross event with the Nissan club this coming weekend. This event will be held at the Scott Road Skytrain station parking lot, and is supposed to be a good event. There will also be a Car Show on the sunday – Full story to come later.

All-Nissan Meet poster. Which I will once again defy the crowds and show up in a Mazda. Hmm maybe I should tape on a “Nissan” badge to avoid getting lynched…

I know I have wanted to save myself for a proper track day, but this will have to do for now. This will be my first auto-cross event so I am getting pretty excited. And since I have recently acquired a GoPro Hero 2 + some car accessories stay tuned for some video highlights!

Cost = $350 (GoPro, mounting accessories, and SD card) + $40 (auto-cross) = $390

‘Till next time!

Total Cost = $747 (OUCH)

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